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"Sharply rhythmic and freeliy expressive, the spirited playing of the zurich ensemble is eminently compelling."


"Obwohl nur vier an der Zahl, ergänzen sich hier verschiedenen Instrumente mit grossem Tonumfang, immenser dynamischer Bandbreite und sehr verschiedenem Charakter. (...) Ein reich aufblühendes orchesterstrales, oft sinfonisches Format - die Instrumenten-Kombination ermöglicht Verblüffendes!"

Stefan Pieper, KLASSIK HEUTE


The remarkable Zurich Ensemble was founded 2012 by four of Switzerland's most renowned and award-winning soloists and chamber-musicians. The unique mix of the instruments - clarinet, violin, cello and piano - allows to explore a wide range of timbres and repertoire. The Zurich Ensemble's versatile concerts range from the classical period to the presence. They also celebrate great successes with exclusive and fascinating transcriptions of well-known masterpieces written especially for the Ensemble. The Zurich Ensemble thus offers the listener a varied and enriching concert experience.